Brad Pitt’s Raunchy Shirtless Pics

September 28th, 2010 by Mr.Brad

hot brad pitt shirtless in towel

Have you ever wished that you can see your favorite Hollywood celebrity Brad Pitt in steamy pictures of him shirtless, wearing only a towel, naked and showing off his nice pecs and abs? Or searched the web until the wee hours of the morning for some explicit images of him? Of course you have! Well, search no more for we bring you the best online resource for softcore and hardcore images of your fave celeb! Check out some of the smoking hot images in this Brad Pitt nude gallery.

hot brad pitt pecs

Brad is nearly naked these photos. He’s all sweaty, showing off his amazing chest and abs, smiling and looking quite studly. If these images are not enough, there are more naked pictures of Brad Pitt from where that came from.

hot brad pitt muscles

Brad Pitt Fake Nudes

April 22nd, 2010 by Mr.Brad

Now I know we’re all desperate for photos of Brad Pitt naked, but these photos are just ridiculous!  I mean just look at these nude pics featuring Brad Pitt.  These absolutely need better production values!  Now I don’t mind seeing some faked shots of Brad Pitt naked, with his ripped body and dick hanging out for all of us to marvel at, but at least they should make color corrections to the face so that they match the body.  These pics don’t have matching colors for the face and the body, so I just can’t take them seriously.  Well at least the bodies they used are hot!

But if you want to find even hotter fakes of our fave male celeb, with Brad Pitt’s face matching perfectly with his sexy naked body, then just click on this site.  They’ve got quality work we can all enjoy and pleasure ourselves with!

Finally Brad shows his full frontal glory

August 4th, 2008 by Mr.Brad

Brad Pitt has filed lawsuits because of these pictures taken by some trespassing paparazzo back when he and Gwyneth Paltrow were a couple.  The steamy photos feature the couple fully naked while having fun on vacation.  These pictures made a lot of women very happy all around the world and for sure the reason was not because of the naked Gwyneth pictures.  Brad Pitt has finally shown his goodies and someone was bold enough (or stupid) to trespass and shoot away.  Whoever he is, he’s a godsend to all the fans lusting for some good and authentic pictures of the real deal.  Enjoy the thumbs below and click on them to view the large versions.  If you want more Brad Pitt stuff, then do not hesitate and click on Brad Pitt Nude to get all the nude pictures and movies you want of this Hollywood star.

Brad Pitt shows off his beautiful body in “Troy”

August 4th, 2008 by Mr.Brad

Troy is one of the most action-packed movies that I have seen recently.  The movie showcases lots of battles between uber-hot men including Brad Pitt and Eric Bana.  This historical epic has its share of nude scenes too.  In this particular scene, Brad Pitt makes love to his hot slave girl and it features him getting naked again.  He boasts his muscular bod to the fullest in this scene, falling just short of full frontal glory.  Click the screencap below to watch the full video.

Brad was never shy in shedding his clothes in the films that he’s made.  With a body like that, who would be ashamed?  His penchant for nude scenes and his unbelievably hot physique has earned him the title of “Sexiest Man Alive”.  I present to you a chance to see him fully nude and showing off his famous body.  Click this link to be able to view and download the best nude Brad Pitt pictures and movies available in the web today.

Hot glamour photos of Hollywood celebrity stud Brad Pitt

August 4th, 2008 by Mr.Brad

We all know that Brad Pitt is hot and with the sample pictures I included in this post, we can definitely say that this guy is attractive.  For women, attractive may be too soft a word to describe this man of their dreams.  Well, he certainly has that aura and charisma that make women all over the world absolutely crazy with love (and lust, for that matter) over this hunk.  Brad has turned their lives inside out when he starred in the romantic epic “The Legends of the Fall”.  He has perfected his charms throughout all the movies he has done and the end result is the forty-plus year old hunk that we all know today.  All that talent and good looks served as his pass to fame, stardom, and the women and money to go along with all of that.  But he’s happily married to Angelina Jolie now and he has kids to take care of and be role model to.  He announced that he’s going to be in movies that would be more family-oriented.  That means Brad will no longer be shedding his clothes and showing his beautiful body like he usually does in most of his films to date.  But don’t worry, since we have a lot of his early stuff and you can always check them out at  Just click the link and you will be redirected to the site.  Get ready for hours of viewing pleasure as you browse through tons of nude Brad Pitt pictures and movies.